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Cost: $1500


Learn how to implement an efficient and scalable in-house aligner system at your clinic. We also cover how to transition in digital orthodontics, setup a digital lab, and integrate 3D printing in your practice. This hybrid course consists of recorded sessions that you can take at your convenient time as well as live sessions with Dr. Rooz. 

The course is taught by Dr. Rooz Khosravi, an assistant professor at the University of Washington and scientist-consultant on 3D printing, in-house aligner and digital orthodontics. You can read more about him here.

This course includes  recorded videos weekly released to you.

We also have 2 live sessions on Mondays 5pm PST every quarter in the middle and end of the course. The dates will be finalized based on the group availability.

Course topics:

  • 3D scanning and basics of 3D printing

  • Desktop 3D printers | Comparison, troubleshooting and maintenance

  • How to setup a digital lab from scratch or remodel your current one

  • Digital platforms to move teeth

  • Comprehensive review of plastics on the market

  • Efficient fabrication protocol for aligners and clear retainers

  • Aligner delivery schedule | how to make your in-house system scalable  

  • Economics of in-house aligner

  • Branding and identity of your aligner

  • Comprehensive review of three cases with moderate malocclusion treated with in-house aligners

All the participants will be added to a private online platform (Slack) to interact and further ask questions.

Please purchase a separate team track if you are interested to have your team with you during this course

12 CE credits will be provided at the completion of this course.

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In-house Clear Aligners Vs. Invisalign

How would an orthodontist benefit from this course?

With higher than ever marketing push by direct to consumer aligner companies like smile direct club as well as Invisalign, patients are asking for orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. Quick acquisition of digital impressions with intraoral scanners and myriad of 3D printing options allow an easy implementation of digital orthodontics.

The biggest challenge in implementing a digital workflow is identifying the right choices in order to be efficient and be able to scale the operation.

You can offer multiple combination or hybrid treatment options to your patients by having in an efficient house clear aligner system in your toolbox. Additionally, having an in house lab gives you a quick turnaround time and flexibility in treatment planning by combining aligners with traditional braces.

All of these help you to create exceptional patient experience at your clinic in the current competitive market.